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Find women entrepreneurs, Bangladesh Bank tells banks


Their performance in implementing the project will be reflected in their CAMELS rating, said a circular by the central bank’s SME and Special Programmes Department released on Thursday.


Every branch has been instructed to find at least three ‘aspiring’ females or female entrepreneurs from their areas.

Women who have taken out loans from banks or other financial institutions in the past will not qualify for the project, it said.

The loan-giving bodies have also been told to train the women with skills they prefer, be it industry, service or business activities, capital collection and management, business management, marketing and banking.


Institutions located in districts may initiate joint training sessions.

If needed, they may take assistance from Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industries Corporation (BSCIC), SME Foundation, Department of Women Affairs, National Women Organisation and Department of Youth Development.

The banks must give small loans to at least one among the three women and it will be considered outside its regular loan activity.

Group loans may also be issued, if needed, it said.




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